Who We Are

LPK Technologies is a technology consultancy and service firm, designed to provide solutions for the ever-changing IT market. Based almost entirely upon intangible service, LPK Technologies is not a simple reseller of computer equipment. Instead, LPK Technologies acts as a liaison between its clients and the many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of technological equipment. We specialize in technological hardware and software maintenance, network design, implementation and administration, point-of-sale (POS) services, purchase services, and IT education. LPK Technologies is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with clients throughout Western Canada.

What We Do

LPK Technologies IS different from other service entities. Instead of waiting for Client calls to conduct repair operations, we focus on maintenance and prevention. Though we are trained to respond and repair, we are also trained to reduce Client costs and downtime when possible. We SERVICE technology, but we SERVE people. Businesses use the expertise of our consultants with regard to our products, large and small. Families rely on the “bill-by-the-job and not-by-the-hour” service of our technicians to remedy their day-to-day computer problems. In short, we are your best bet for Saskatoon computer repair.

LPK Technologies is positioned to provide service upon which its customers can depend.