About LPK Technologies

Computers and technology form an important part of the “way forward” for our society today. We see changes in applications, uses, and the sheer number of things we can do with our electronic appliances. From the latest toy to the most complex computer software applications, it’s obvious that Information Technology companies “push the envelope”, “stay ahead of the trend”, or “keep up with it”.

However, IT companies often forget the most important part of the process–People.

I.T. STARTED with People, not Information Technologies.

People go through the doors of Saskatoon computer stores. People are the ones that “call up” their Information Technology support company asking for help. People are the ones who end up with the benefit or the caveat to their computer service. Ironically, and sadly, IT companies are more concerned with the Client’s computers, and not the Client.

Is your IT solution too busy showing you “the latest and greatest”, instead of examining the good things you’re doing right now? Does your tech support make you feel like your “concerns” are “complaints”? Have you noticed that your IT solution starts to bill you from “the time they leave their office” until “the time your problems are fixed”? When your “tech guy” speaks, do you understand what he’s saying?


Enter LPK Technologies, “Servicing Technology, SERVING People”. With this core philosophy, LPK Technologies went online at the turn of this most recent century. In the days of “dot-com boom” and “bust”, it became obvious: Businesses that avoid “jumping on the latest trend” often avoid “jumping off the cliff and never coming back”. We strive to form relationships with our Clients, so we can best understand their needs. Our Clients are not “guinea pigs”; we won’t be pushing them into the “latest and greatest”, just because “it’s new”. When we recommend our protocols and technologies, it is because we:

  • Have tested them rigorously, so we know what to expect;
  • Determine that they will be easier or straightforward for our Clients to use;
  • Educate our Clients so the technologies will solve their problems, instead of creating new ones!


We know . . . it’s a much different take than what your average IT company brings to the table, but–it works. With “Maintenance IS the Answer” as its action call, LPK Technologies has faithfully served the Saskatoon area, regardless of whether our Client works in an office, or plays at home. We RECOMMEND solutions to IT problems, we FIX issues as they arise, and more importantly, we PREVENT problems before they occur. Since the year 2000, large and small IT companies have come and gone, as a result of the “tech trend” or “techno-fad” that brought them into existence.


That’s not us.
Our motto is “Servicing Technology, SERVING PEOPLE”. LPK Technologies believes in PEOPLE, first . People never “go out of style”. People aren’t a “fad” to discard or bring back. People are the ones with whom we form RELATIONSHIPS.

It must be a winning strategy, because while other Saskatoon IT companies have come and gone, WE’RE STILL HERE, and WE’RE GROWING.


Thank you for choosing LPK Technologies.


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