Maintenance Service Technician for LPK Technologies (ST1-MT)

Position Type: Part/Full Time Employee

Starting Date: April 20, 2015

Description:  LPK Technologies seeks a PROFESSIONAL Maintenance Service Technician, starting on a part-time basis. As a member with at least 2 years experience under his or her belt, you will be responsible for the maintenance of business and individual Windows (and/or Macintosh) Client PCs, in both an on-site or laboratory environment. You will be a quick learner, open-minded, results-oriented, and not afraid to laugh while you’re learning and getting those results. Working under the supervision of our Service Department Manager, you will repair hardware and software, remove viruses and infestations, and actively assist Clients in resolving day-to-day Client computer issues.

We need this individual to be “up to speed” quickly. After training, and with this specific position, we have the following CORE COMPETENCY technical requirements:

  1. Hardware experience: Proven experience with the following operations (i.e. You have done these things before you applied with us):
    • Part removal & replacement: Hard drives, optical disc drives, power supplies, memory modules, identification of mainboard types and ESD prevention procedures
    • Networking hardware: Ability to identify, perform line troubleshooting & fault checking
    • You know the difference between an Ethernet cable and a phone cable, and perhaps you’ve tried to make one before
  2. Software experience: Proven experience with the following application items (i.e., You have performed these functions in the past 24 months):
    • Windows XP/Vista/7: Proficiency and/or comfort collecting information
    • Driver & System Software installations & troubleshooting
    • Antivirus installation & configuration
    • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox &/or Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Understanding of Email applications and methods for backing up/restoring email
    • Very basic understanding of programming and coding
  3. Networking experience: Demonstrated experience with the following (i.e., You have done at least one of these things in the past 24 months):
    • Able to identify network topologies on paper (You can point to the “server” and say “That’s the server!”)
    • Understanding/ability to create a static and/or DHCP-based network
    • Peer-to-peer File-sharing, firewall and configuration operations
    • Port mapping, forwarding and blocking
  4. Remote Administration experience: Exposure to the following:
    • Remote Assistance over-the-phone via cloud or direct screen sharing applications, like TeamViewer or others

But wait, there’s more . . . for THIS POSITION, we desperately need a “people person”. If you self-identify as a “geek”, and prefer watching Twitch videos, or video game streaming into the night most nights of the week, instead of spending time with human beings who are more “normal” (like your Clients), then this position is most definitely not for you. Experience has shown that “non-people” people just don’t get it when it comes to customer service, or being part of our team. Loners, be gone! This is a team environment.

You may be required to use your skills in the following ways:

You’ll visit Clients in their homes and/or offices. You’ve got to be comfortable with people; maybe you have an outgoing, vivacious personality! A criminal records check will be required.

LPK Technologies has a method and a structure that’s easy to learn—it guarantees success in all areas of customer-based information technology. No more “flying by the seat” of your pants in a retail environment. Working with the other members of your service team, you will be able to track your progress and your development.

LPK Technologies wants an individual who is loyal, and interested in a career. The initial position is an entry-level position, requiring a commitment of no less than 2 years, with opportunities for promotion to more permanent positions within that timeframe, based upon performance. Specifically, Maintenance Service Technicians can look forward to becoming Service Advisors, a real career booster. Remember: If you’re the kind that:

Please DO NOT apply. All others, we’ll happily accept!

Easiest way to apply? Send your resume with covering letter to, Attention: Operations Manager, Re: ST1-MT (please keep the subject, or your email may be flagged as SPAM–or we may assume you didn’t follow the instructions :) )

Please note: A+, MSCE, N+ are letters only, and do not indicate expertise in this field. If you possess the skill set to perform the tasks above, and do not possess the letters, don’t be discouraged from applying. This is a “computer repair jobs Saskatoon” posting.

Last updated: 04/06/15

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